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The Role of Government
Prologue and Section 1: The Levels of Government in Action, Facilitating Communication
Section 2: Power of Representation, Authority of Law
Section 3: Guardian against Tyranny and Oppression of its People
Section 4:  Governmental Identity, and Pursuits of Mankind
Section 5: The Judicial Government
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Origin of Money and Examples

Debt is Representative of Resources Expended

Circular Debt

Trading Debt for the Benefit of more Debt (or Debt Lotteries)

Interest is a False Representation of Debt

How Profit is Made

Value of Resources

Forced Inflation of Debt

Social Agreement to Utilize Standard Debt Representation

A Statement on Original Resource Control

The Purpose of Exchanging Controlled Resources and the Value of Debt

A Statement on Charity and Goodwill
Actual Existence of All That Is, and a Primer on its Manipulation and Makeup.
Section 1.
Act III Life as an Energy Particle on a Wave
Act II Strings of Existence
Act I The Absolute
Section 2.
Act IV Physical Nature of Strings of Existence
Act VI Infinity and the Absolute
Act V Further Manipulation of Strings through Absolute Time
Section 3.
Act VII Sheets, or Membranes
Act IX The Occurrence of Singularities in Space
Act VIII Relationship between Sheets and Strings
Act X The Absolute is every thing. And, Appendix A - Some equations that seem right.
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True Liberty
Essays and writings on how to obtain and maintain true liberty.  Other
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To Each Their Own Independence, to Exercise It or Not as They Deem Fit.
The Crutch of Dependency
Stay the Dependents Oppression of the Independent.
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Fractional Voting for the United States House of Representatives
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