Actual Existence of All That Is, and a Primer on its Manipulation
and Makeup.

                                                            Act IX

The Occurrence of Singularities in Space

      Where there are so many Sheets or Strings converging at one point, a singularity
may be created.  Where one string exists, other strings may share the point of
existence, so long as there own ruling properties are compatible and allow it.  When
this occurs in a sheet of Space that is not compatible with sharing the same location it
places a strain on the Space Sheets ability to maintain its own integrity.  

      Carbon Sheet and Helium Sheet attempt to take up the same location on Space
sheet.  The Space cannot allow this due to its own set of rules by which it is made up.  
Therefore, Space becomes punctured, or allows some other means of escape, and
transfers the material attempting to form a singularity to another String (whose
governing rules allow for singularity of multiple Sheets), to another Sheet of Space
(whose governing rules allow for the compensation of multiple Sheets creating
singularities), or to Nothing.  This seems to cause particles, or the Carbon/Helium
Singularity, to “Jump” from string to string.   

      If there is pressure behind the Carbon and Helium Sheets, that pressure may
follow the Carbon/Helium singularity through the Space puncture.  This holds true only
of the laws governing the two Space Sheets follow rules of equilibrium.  This can be
seen in the form of black holes. These black holes are the “jumping” points of a
singularities transfer to a compatible “location”. If a puncture, or jump, occurs to a
Space that does not allow for equilibrium, the singularity may just seem to disappear,
or appear if that is the case, when it is actually just being displaced into another Sheet
or String by way of jumping.  So, the energy held within the particle or the
Carbon/Helium singularity is not being lost, but transferred to another “location”.

      The individual behaviors of particular Sheets of space may be able to account for
the expansion and contraction of a universe.  Think of a Sheet of Space that does not
allow itself to be flexed by other Sheets.  When another Sheet attempts to enter
Space, Space will displace it into another Space Sheet somewhere that does allow
flexation (flexation = expansion and or compression) [really anything could happen,
galactic obliteration, a young man blinking, whatever the Sheet properties allow, but we’
ll go with this for now].  

      So the invading Sheet is sent to another Sheet of Space that allows for flexing.  
This new Space just so happens to be right next to our Space.  Well that invading
Sheet causes flexation in its new Space.  That new Space flexes against our Space, our
Space recoils and reverberates. Now what if two Sheets of Space “near” each other with
a Sheet of empty Space “between” were to have “something” new introduced to them.  
The first two Sheets are already full and when these new “somethings” are introduced
they expel some of what was in them into the empty Space between them. The Space
receiving the Sheets and Strings from the two older Spaces receives them from a
singularity puncture and sprays forth into the new Space from that singularity. This is
essentially like forcing two fire hoses worth of water out the nozzle of a garden hose
all at once.  The new Space now has an influx of new types of Sheets forming a
universe and flying all around the new Sheet of Space they have just entered into.  As
the new universe expands from this point it eventually reaches the limits of the Space
and rebound back to where they came from.  Since each sheet and each entity made up
in this new universe they may reach the Spatial limits at different times and rebound in
different way, some may not rebound at all and just go through the edges of Space.
This is Universal Rebound.

      Universal Rebound may repeat itself over and over again.  When a guitar string is
plucked it goes back and forth over the point of striking origin until the energy from the
strike dissipates through the guitar body and the air around it.  Eventually the energy
is spread so thin over such a large area, it is unnoticeable to us.  Universal Rebound
will go back and forth from the energy point or origin, the entrance point into this
space, until the energy is expelled into or out of the surrounding Space.  If the Space is
a perfect reflector of this energy, then the Universal rebound could go on continually.

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