Actual Existence of All That Is, and a Primer on its Manipulation
and Makeup.

                                                 Act I

The Absolute

      The Absolute is the one, or total, conglomeration of all Truth and Reality.


      Truth is the antithesis of misunderstanding and fallacy. Know that truth is not
necessarily a good thing. It is simply the actuality of existence. We can not know that
we know Truth, only what we accept as truth through what we think we perceive.  If, by
chance, or by a greater intent than our own, we happen upon the Truth, we are blessed
with being correct in a fact.  

      Facts, as we know them, are not necessarily Truth.  Just as an opinion can
unintentionally be factual, a fact can unintentionally be Truthful. A fact is merely our
understanding of what is actual.


      Truth is tied tightly to its brother, Reality.  Reality is the completeness of all the
“is”.  Since we, as supposedly self-aware individual entities, can only “know” that our
self exists; we can not know Reality; unless we are Reality.  However, we could not
know the Truth of our self being Reality, except by chance.

      So, Truth and Reality combined are “actual existence of all that is”.  This is the
Absolute.  The Absolute is not necessarily unknowable, as all things are possible within
the Absolute; even the possibility of all things being impossible and the Absolute not

      If we are all self-knowing, then we cannot know any other entity without that
entity being part of our self; thus being the self in the first place.  Therefore if there is
one Absolute, we are all one entity.  Although, due to the fact that I do not know that
you exist, then we cannot be one entity and therefore there is not one Absolute.  This
causes a problem, perhaps.  (fig 1)

Fig 1.

      If we are all the only thing that exists, then each one of us are the Absolute.  In
which case, once we are able to identify what “is” and the veracity of what “is”, then
the Absolute will be known.  This presents the problem of contradicting Truths.  

      Simply put, if I am the only thing that exists, then both of our Truths are false
and neither of us exists.  But at this point we do both exist, for I will not deny my
existence nor will at least one other entity deny its own existence.  So there must be
multiple Truths, even if they contradict. (fig 2)

Fig 2.

      A third option is that all the independent truths combine to form the Truth.  
Where the truths correspond they are simply one entity of truth.  Upon conflict, they
separate and become two separate truths.  Even still, they are part of the Truth which
makes up the Absolute. (fig 3)

Fig 3.

      Now to quickly address if, in True fact, we do not exist.  If we do not exist and are
not real, then to identify existence is impossible.  This is because existence is not True
to us.  We would have to prove that we do not exist, which would first force us to
verify the accepted truth of our own existence being wrong and that we are not part of
the Absolute.

      Since I know I exist, I will continue.  If you feel that you do not exist, please let
me know so that I may discount your currently accepted existence.  This way I can clear
some of the clutter from my reality.

    Ah, reality.  It has been said before, by some guy, so I’ll go ahead and say it again.

      We cannot prove the existence of any other entity.  We can only accept what our
senses tell us.  For instance, look at fig 4.  

Fig 4

      In Reality whenever we attempt to draw what we perceive is the shape in box “B”
we are actually drawing the shape in box “A”.  We perceive our hands are going in the
exact motions that make the item in box “B” but, perhaps our senses do not allow us
to see the True shape we are drawing.  However, to get along, we accept the outcome
of our perceptions and use what we have, to accomplish whatever our intent was.

      Since we just go along with what our senses tell us, we can only identify what we
perceive to exist.  (To believe what others tell us based off of their perception is a
chance to take, based on each of our own desires – the chance you are taking is your

      At the moment of writing this, I only accept that the pen, paper, and desk exist.  I
do not necessarily accept that my beagle in the other room exists.  Once I whistle and
he comes to me, I may perceive and accept his existence.  But I am otherwise only
taking for granted that he exists.

      It is a simple exertion of energy to prove well enough my hounds’ existence.  I
whistle, he trots over, I perceive and accept him.  I now know Charlie, the beagle,
exists.  I accept him as real.  I now understand that his is an actual entity, and that he
is part of Truth and Reality, making him an entity within the Absolute.  After he leaves
the room, how do I know he exists?  Or, even before he enters, can I believe he exists?
Yes I can.  Experience in life tells us that things exist even though we do not physically
perceive them.  Physical perception is only part of accepting the existence of an entity.  

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